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this is a fox news alert. it is 3:00 a.m. in new york. it is 10:00 a.m. in cairo as we look at live pictures from tahrir square. it is a day of prayer there, a day after most egyptians thought their prayers would have been answered. and their president would have stepped down. that did not happen. mubarak is still president of egypt, and it has lead some to speculate the protests today could be the biggest yet. >> tahrir square is filling up. over the last couple hours we
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have seen protesters waiving flags and carrying banners. the square is coming to life, and so far it is calm. the atmosphere last night was very different. they thought they would hear the resignation of mubarak. and instead he announced he would be handing down some of his powers to his vice president. >> and a lot of demonstrators said that's not good enough. president obama is saying pretty much the same thing issuing a paper statement questioning the move, saying mubarak simply created doubts in the minds of the egyptian people and had not seized the opportunity to put forward a path to democracy. we are getting word in the last 20 minutes or so, egypt's military commanders have been meeting this morning. and they are about to issue some sort of statement to the people of egypt in respops to the latest developments. >> there are many who feel the military will be key in all of this. only military leaders could
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force mubarak from power for once and for all. on the phone with us is judith. >> hi, how are you? >> doing well. you are in israel, and what can you tell us about the mood there since this all unfolded? >> since it began it has been extremely tense. this israel depended on this peace even though it is a cold peace. when these mass protests started the israeli government began to hold intense, secret meetings to determine what to do about this crisis. the first thing they decided to do was to say nothing or say as little as possible in public, and that's a stance they really maintained until just about yesterday when the defense minister flew to
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washington to meet with the obama administration officials, and he would only say it is up to the egyptian people to decide who their leader should be. now yesterday when i was in tel aviv, the prime minister said he just hoped that who ever ruled egypt would honor the peace treaty with israel. everything depends on this country for that. that's the situation. people unlike the obama administration is trying to say as little as possible and trying not to be part of the story. >> if the israelis have their druthers, jewish, would they not want the vice president to take over, at least in the short-term to create continuity and assurance? this is a man the israelis are familiar with and are comfortable with, aren't they?
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>> the two portfolios was one counter terrorism relationship for the united states and two relation for israel. they know him. they trust him. they like him. they would leak him there, not just for a transition period, but for as long as mubarak rules. so he is their guy. i suspect he is also america's guy because the u.s. military and intelligence community knows and likes him. but i'm not sure that's going to be in the cards. >> what are your contacts on the ground in israel telling you that they know and believe to be the motivations of the muslim brotherhood? >> you know, right here you can imagine how concerned israelis are about the brotherhood. i just spent the last four days in a national security conference with the best experts. they say the americans are naive about the muslim
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brotherhood. the brotherhood has a slow and patient strategy. it is consolidating power. they will not do anything overt, but very slowly organize and slowly begin to be a factor in the government. their tactic is not to teak over the government. that's the last thing they want. is israel concerned about this organization? you becha. this is an organization that since its creation has been opposed to any foreign presence on sacred, islamic soil. its charter is very clear. i have gone and interviewed the muslim brotherhood of egypt. they are disordered, but do not assume they will stay that way. that's the message i am hearing here in tel aviv. >> judith, we heard one person say the muslim brotherhood is secular, they are moderate compared to what people think of them, but that's probably
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not what you are hearing in israel. >> you know, i just don't know what claper was ahead of our defense. overall national intelligence director was drinking because the one thing you cannot say about the brotherhood, and we can all agree they are not violent. that's not the tactic they choose to use. but secular? it is appalling, and it is statements like that that really worry the israelis. it makes them ask, do americans know what they are doing? is obama naive? does he just see a bunch of protesters out on the streets saying isn't this wonderful? ain't this grand? it ain't grand if you live in tel aviv or jerusalem or you are one of the cities here and they are worried about protecting. >> judith, last question, what do you think will happen? we hear the military is about
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to released a statement sometime soon. does the military play the key role so many people think it does? >> absolutely. egypt is the military. it is the conservator of the regime. i find it inconceivable that the military would turn on the man who represented them for 30 years. but it is hard to imagine the military will fire on the people because what the military is going to protect is the prestige and power and privileges. we will figure out the best way to do it, and i think we will know more about that. >> jewish miller joining us live on the phone from israel where she is right now. judith, thank you very much. >> thank you so much. >> as we look at these live
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pictures and live sounds, it is a little after 10:00 in the morning in cairo, egypt. and the crowds are really beginning to fill up this square. we have been watching it over the last couple hours, and now there seems to be a lot more people there. and it even sounds like the morning prayer that is going on right now. >> it sounds like it is getting louder, and we are definitely seeing more people come to the square. as we were just talking about, what is going to happen with the military? will they sit back and let things unfold like they have been doing? are they going to get more involved this time? >> president mubarak who spoke and surprised a lot of people last night. he talked about what he would tolerate during protests. here is a little bit of that. >> egypt is a great country. we cannot allow this chaos to continue. we cannot allow all of the
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losses we suffered to continue day after day. this would lead egypt into a situation who the youth who called for these changes will be the ones who suffered from it the most. >> for anyone who thinks there is a chance that mubarak may high tale it out of egypt, he had this to say about that. >> egypt will continue to be a glorious country. i will never leafy jipt. -- leavey interest j. and egypt will not leave me until i am buried and the soil of egypt and the egyptian people will always live in dignity and the flag of egypt will be the symbol of glory. may god protect egypt. may god protect its people and guide them in the right way. >> he is saying he will not allow the chaos. these protesters, they are
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fighting for their freedom and for democracy. he is calling it chaos. it seems a little disconnected. >> it is hardly chaotic at this point. it is very calm. you can see people waiving flags in the tent cities that have croped up in tahrir square. the people gathering there for what could be a big day of protests as they wait to hear from the military. is this a possible end game? we will have live coverage on fox newschannel.? we will see you again as news8a warrants. and the impact it
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can have on oil, economy, world security, israel, and though i agree with your assessment, that the president has botched this up and administration has botched this up saying the muslim brotherhood is a secular organization, et cetera. my question is, what could they do now, at this moment to maybe rectify or make a better situation that they've not handled well? >> when calista and i were out at the reagan library on sunday, for president reagan's 100th birthday, we had lunch with secretary of state schultz who helped ronald reagan defeat the
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soviet empire. he said his experience was in situations like this, dealing with somebody who has been your ally for 30 years. you keep very quiet in public. if you are going to bring pressure to bear you bring it to bear in private. second, you reach out to the institutions that are stable. military, large business groups. places where you have a chance if the regime going to collapse to move to a partnership that s the muslim brotherhood from getting into power. third, under no circumstances the door to legitimize the muslim brotherhood which is in the end, intent on creating an islamist dictatorship. i think secretary schulz' advice was good. administration ought to quit doing press briefings, leaks, calm down, focus on managing the transition to a stable egypt and remains pro-western and do everything to block the muslim brotherhood from beginning power. >> sean: the "washington post" had an article how the
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administration was rethinking their relationship with the muslim brotherhood. it seems they drew the conclusion it is inevitible that whatever new government he s the muslim brotherhood will be part of it. >> that is disastrously bad thinking. this president invited the muslim brotherhood to come to his speech when he spoke in cairo. that helped legitimize them. every time americans talk positively about them, that is the opposite of the outcome we want. we want an outcome where we isolate them, winden them, minimize their potential to get into power and work with every almost that understands they don't want a mubarak dictatorship to a muslim brotherhood dictatorship. they want a democratic society. i think it is very important we be clear-minded about this. if we are confused about this, we are going to run danger of
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president obama following president carter, where carter lost iran. i could imagine obama losing egypt. >> sean: i think the ship has sailed. there seems to be no organized leader in terms of those that want true freedom, liberty and . the muslim brotherhood is organized and better financed and probably better armed. it seems likelihood, depending on what the military does that is going to be likely. you are at cpac today. you offer suggestions of how barack obama would be deserving to speak at cpac. all domestic. foreign policy is front and center in the country. how big an issue do you think foreign policy becomes in the 2012 election as you travel? >> well, i don't know yet. i think that if you go back and look at the period before the shah collapsed, carter
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looked fine. the period after there was a hostage crisis, after the to have questions invaded afghanistan, after communists were active, carter looked weak in foreign policy. it became a huge issue by 1980. right now, i think obamacare is a polarizing thing people want to appeal. the amount of massive government spending. failure to create jobs. these things are bigger issues now. you could imagine a circumstance where national security became the central issue in the -- in what we are doing. there i think this administration's weakness and amateur. would become an -- amateurism would become an an enormous liability. >> sean: where are you in the process of make manage -- of making -- why are you looking at me like that?
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>> people came up to me all day and said you know sean is going to ask you. i said he wouldn't do that. i was wrong and they were right. calista and i will start discussing it the last part of february. we'll talk with our family. we'll think this true. by very early march, you will know something financive. we are coming down now to a period of three, four weeks. >> sean: that's an interesting timeline. what are the factors? what are the two obob or issues that stand in the way the most for not doing it? >> well, i think the biggest question for us is, do we have a duty to do this as citizens? if we con chewed, as we talked to people around the country and we were at ford ham last night showing our movie, reagan library over the weekend. as we talk to people around the country, if we conclude
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that there's a very large number of americans who believe that we need somebody who has balanced the budget and cut taxes, who did strengthen intelligence, i think the pressure gets to be intense to run. we are trying to listen carefully to see what people say to us. we've had lots of conversations here at cpac today. >> sean: pretty short timeframe we'll be talking with you between now and then. thanks. >> coming up media mash with brent bozell is next. >> all of our chips are on 2012. you asked for it, i'm in, you're in! >> sean: congresswoman bachmann brings done the house at cpac with a major announcement. she is here. also get her thoughts on egypt. does this man the donald is he preparing to challenge the an innoed one?
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all important must-have for 12 is this, making barack obama a one term president! [ cheering ] >> right? stand up! stand up!
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stand up! [ applause ] >> i think you're up for it. am i too this is it. this is the real world. this is when it counts! you're up for it! that's why it is important! you asked for it, i'm in, you're in. >> sean: that is the speech that is making headlines today inside the beltway and beyond. minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann brought done the house when she opened up the cpac convention in d.c.. sounds like she could be close to throwing her hat in the ring in the 2012 presidential race. is she really in? joining me from washington is minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann. >> thank you sean, always a pleasure. >> sean: you're up for it, i'm in, you're in. you're in? >> i'm in for defeating
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barack obama in 2012. i want making an announcement today that i'm running for president of united states. we had 11,000 people at cpac over this weekend. these are highly motivated excited people who are all about defeating barack obama in 2012. because they want to take the country back. you talked about this, how this is a two-step program. we were very successful in taking the house back in 2010. now it is about taking back the senate and the white house in 2012. if we can do that, then we can stop the out of control spending and the debt accumulation and more importantly, we can repeal obama care. the audience at cpac is onboard with that. >> sean: a lot of people interpreted those remarks to mean you are in. you are considering getting into the presidential race. where are you in that process? >> we haven't taken anything off the take or put anything on. we've had people talk us to about that.
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people have asked me to consider it. it is a large decision that a person makes. there's a lot of decisions that have to go in. we are weighing that carefully, going forward. >> you are seriously considering a aren't for president? did you have a timeframe in which you feel you need to make a decision? >> there's an obvious timeframe when a person would have to make that decision. you don't know if i need to be the candidate or not. one thing i've been doing is traveling across the country and talking about the bigger issues that we need to focus on. people need to be reminded between in the next 24 months we have to focus on the reality of the spending and all of the programs that the president put into place. >> sean: is there any one person if they got into the race that would be your person? you would support them and that would prevent you from getting in? >> i think we have excellent candidates out there. absolutely excellent candidates.
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someone will bubble up to the surface, probably a year from now we'll know who that nominee will be. i can't tell you that i've 10 behind any individual, because i haven't. i just want to be a part of this national narrative. i've been here on the frontlines for the last four years. i've seen up close and personal, how devastating speaker pelosi, harry reid and barack obama has been. wasn't to be part of that conversation. so we can let people know, we can't forget how bad things are because we can make it better. >> sean: i know you are limited in terms of what you can say about egypt. you are on the house intelligence committee. there were a lot of public comments today. we know what the national intelligence director said about the muslim brotherhood today. we know what leon panetta said publicly. when our on intelligence
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doesn't recognize the muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization, which it is, i am deeply concerned about the people that are in charge of our national security. >> well, as everyone is seeing while watching the scene in egypt, people are seeing this as a fluid situation. what we're seeing is a situation that is like plates that are moving in the earth. there's a greater run . this is a fragile region, we don't know what will happen. beyond that i can't comment. as you know, i deal with classified information. it would be highly inappropriate for me to make a comment either confirming or denying any information. >> sean: we know what james clapper said that the brotherhood was largely secular that is pat didn'tly false. what i don't understand -- that is patently false. what i don't understand, two
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clicks on google and you know the muslim brotherhood is a radical organization, tied to egyptian assassinations, terror groups, desiring an islamic car fate worldwide, including america and western countries and wanting sharia law. what part of that doesn't our government understand? that's what i'm having a hard time getting. >> it is very important we pay attention to the information that is out there. because of the highly classified position that i'm in, i'm not in a position to either confirm or deny even information put out in the regular media. >> sean: even things that are well-known. we'll get into that in the next segment. we'll look forward to announcement. congratulations on your well received speech today. >> next our weekly round up of the mainstream media's spin on news. congresswoman sheila jackson lee calls one of the super bowl ads demeaning.
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suggesting it might be racist.
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good morning, everybody. this is a fox news alert. we're in new york. it is friday morning in cairo. 10:30 a.m. local time. as we look at live pictures from liberation square, tahrir square, and for a lot of egyptians this has got to feel like that movie "groundhog day." every day they wake up hoping it will be different and every day it is the same. mubarak is still president, and it is leading people to speculate that today's protests could be the biggest yet. >> in tahrir square, they are really filling up now. over the last couple hours we have seen protesters milling about, some waiving flags and other holding banners. the square is coming to life and so far the scene is calm and the atmosphere very different as egyptians came to
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the square for what they thought would be a resignation speech. he announced he would be handing over some powers to his vice president. >> this picture is very interesting. this were security check points near the entrance to the square. that's what it looks like right now. you can see a line of people on the right side of the screen. there is a change and the picture as well. there is a military presence on the ground there. but there is no sin of confrontation or conflict between the military and those people who are coming to the square for protests. president obama issuing a statement, a paper statement last night saying mubarak's decision to city -- stay on has created dots, and he has not seized an opportunity to put forward a bath to genuine
3:37 am
daw -- democracy. we just got word that the military leaders havingen meeting. they are sitting down and talking. they will issue some kind of statement in the latest develop ents in. >> many feel the military will be key. it is only the military leaderswho could force mubarak from power once and for all. joining us is the heritage foundation. james, thanks for being with us. >> good to be with you. >> a former israeli cabinet minister who says he has known mubarak for a longtime says mubarak is fully award this is the end of the road. he is just trying to save face and do this in an honorable way. >> i think what we have seen here is whr the government has been consistent from the start, they have always had an incremental approach where they offered a little more, a little more, a little more to try to get people off the streets. we saw a repeat of that yesterday where he said he was
3:38 am
turning over his power to the vice president. my guess is we will continue to see that. >> we also heard from his former israeli cabinet minister that mubarak wants to save face. he wants to leave power he considers honorable after his 30 years in power. you can get the sense of listening to him speak over the last couple weeks. he wants to at least have the appearance he is leaving power on his own terms. is there anyway the u.s. can help out with that? >> i really think this is much more about, what is the army willing to tolerate? everyone recognizes that the military is calling the shots here. quite honestly, i don't think they would -- he would be staying if the military was against it. there are two real concerns here.
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one is the military sticks with the incremental line, and then the military cracks down on the people and loses legitimacy. that's one problemment the other problem is what happens if the military splits? different parts of the military goes in different directions in terms of mubarak should go or stay. we focus on mubarak as if he is the key player here. the truth is the military is calling the shots. >> what would be the best possible outcome in this? you say mubarak is calling the shots, but what is the best possible outcome as far as someone to replace him maybe in an election this fall? >> the best outcome is there is a gradual transition plan where there is an opportunity for the secular opposition group to organize and make their case. the problem right now is if we had an election tomorrow who
3:40 am
are the two best organized groups? the cronies who were there forever and the muslim brotherhood who is well funded and well organized. neither one of those groups will lead egypt on the path to the reforms they want. people should pay attention to what happened yesterday. when the workers wept to the streets, what were the workers crying for. they they weren't out there saying it. they said food prices are too high. we want jobs and better working conditions. primarily what people are interested in is reform. the muslim brotherhood can't deliver on that. his cronies can't deliver on that. the only people that can't deliver on that are not yet organized to make their case for the egyptian people. unless there is a process that gives them the time and space to be part of the political transition, we are not going to see a good outcome. >> 22nds here, what do we want
3:41 am
to hear from the military today? >> they have to thread this needle between not cracking down on the people, giving the people confidence there is a clear path to transition and not jumping to some government where they hand over power to the muslim brotherhood or some other group that will not lead to reform. >> understood. thank you so much. warrants here on fox.
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>> sean: tonight on our great american panel, doug schoen is here. matt mccall is here. jedediah bila is back with us. we what is happening in europe. i just quoted you in two segments ago. i don't think we are getting it on the muslim brotherhood. we heard what our own national
3:46 am
intelligence director said. he said this is a largely secular group. you said to me, two clicks and co-find out all the information that he needs to know that's not true. >> two clicks, the supreme leader of the brotherhood is for sharia law for abrogating the treaty with israel, supports iran, hamas, hezbollah, supports terrorism. the polls show the brotherhood chances 60, 65% support in egypt. how much detail do you need if you are an intelligence adviser? >> sean: you said it is impossible for the brotherhood not to take control. >> right. the egyptian public, 3% support israel, 71% against the treaty. 20% support al-qaeda. 60% support hamas and hezbollah. they are not secular people. >> sean: there's been maybe five of us that have had this
3:47 am
right. even fellow conservatives, hannity, done you get it, this is a democracy movement. i said it going to be hijacked by radicals. j tone you think our government knows this. maybe that's why they are not coming after the muslim brotherhood. maybe they know deep down they are going to take over egypt and they want to be in bed with them and lose complete control of the region. >> sean: if the muslim brotherhood takes over their logic is flawed because they hate america. you are talking about appeasing your enemies that is not going to get us far. >> i comment you, you have been doing a phenomenal job. not many have been talking about this. you had people in the media saying in is a democratic movement before they knew who was on the ground. >> sean: some members of the media, i'm not talking about greg palkot, a brave journalist. some were, we are going among
3:48 am
the people, they are going to love to see us. they had their brains beaten in not understanding the significance what is going on, on the ground. they would say those were mubarak's secret police doing this. in other cases it is also radicals that want this democracy movement hijacked. what are the odds that happens? >> very high. you go back to iran. everybody was hopeful about the transition to democracy. you see that. >> sean: they compared the ayatollah to ghandhi. >> i understand. here, the evidence is clear and unambiguous. the brotherhood is an extreme terrorist organization. one other point, it is not democrat or republican, liberal or conservative, it is right and wrong and american interests and values. >> sean: i want to play janet napolitano and comments she made about homeland security threat. >> there's no question that we have made many important
3:49 am
strides in securing our country from terrorism, since 9/11. but a threat continues to evolve. in some ways the threat today maybe at its most heightened state since the attacks nearly 10 years ago. the threat has evolved in such a way that we have to add to our traditional counterterrorism strategies which in the past have looked at the attack as coming from abroad. >> sean: it is worse than 10 years ago. does she identify who it is? does she understand radical islamic extremists are the people? we couldn't say that with her. >> we can't expect anyone for some reason in this administration to condemn the muslim brotherhood. barack obama didn't do it in his interview with bill o'reilly. >> sean: that was pathetic. >> outrageous. i'm glad to see her entering the land of reality a little. perhaps will allow some in the media -- >> now it is more homegrown we have to be more concerned about terrorists already on our soil.
3:50 am
where are they getting their ideas from? al-qaeda, overseas and terrorist groups over there let's call a spade here and tell where this is coming from? why they are being pushed and taught to jihadists here in our country. >> sean: i want to know if she believes that and knows that, will she identify who real enemy of america is? >> they are not telling us. >> had is not only an international phenomenon it is domestic, sleeper cells. we have to face the reality. >> sean: is this the potential for with with 3? >> systematic attack on our values and nation. we don't know enough to answer that. it is all heading in the wrong direction. we have to stand up for our interests. >> sean: donald trump shows up at cpac. did a super bowl ad have
3:51 am
racial overtones? one
3:52 am
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3:54 am
>> sean: we continue with our get person panel. look who showed up at cpac earlier today. i interviewed him a couple weeks ago about running for president. donald trump. >> if i decide to run, i will
3:55 am
not be raising taxes. will be taking in hundreds of billions of dollars from other countries that are screwing us. and will rebuild our country so that we can be proud. our country will be great again. thank you very much. it is an honor. >> sean: the thing he said to me that i agree with is that america is not being respected. that america is in a mess. we all see it. he's saying it and he's -- that was very conservative, that was a pretty conservative message. >> i think america needs a leader. we done have one right now. barack obama is not a -- we don't have one right now. barack obama is not a leader. >> sean: great name recognition. >> pro free market. i'm a little concern about some consistency issues. i want to hear about abortion, universal health care we've
3:56 am
heard conflicting reports. when it comes to a primary, i say the more the merrier. >> when i first heard about this, i kind of laughed a bit. i think of him being more of a tv star. i realized he is a businessman. this country should be run as it is a business right now. right now we are spending too much money. let's run it like a business. if heƧpk can step up and do that he could gain respect for the united states. i would back him if he could run the country as he his business. >> there's one point, he's not washington. he's not part of the established order. whether he runs in the republican primaries or as an independent. the ability to say, i will shake things up, change things, they can't buy me. hugely powerful message. >> sean: i like how he's taken on china. when i spoke to him, he was rightfully ticked off at the way the administration rolls out the red carpet for the chinese president.
3:57 am
>> to have a president of china say to the 2010 nobel prize winner, barack obama, by the way, i'm happy to be here. but our own nobel prize win is in our prisons can't came out and go to oslo, horrible. >> sean: it is going to be interesting to watch that sheila jackson lee some comments about the super bowl ad that some are suggesting, her included might be racist. watch the ad. >> zero calories. this month of african-american history where we are trying to celebrate what is good and great, it certainly seems ridiculous that pepsi would utilize this kind of humor. it was demeaning.
3:58 am
african-american woman throwing something at an african-american male and woman. >> sean: is she right? >> no. welcome to the identity politics of the left. i sat in a room with four people none of us read race into this. we need to be able to laugh and get our sense of humor back. i don't think this anything to do with race. >> sean: i'm reading into it. this whole issue about interracial dating, it -- et cetera. >> when i looked at it i saw a small about a guy who has bad eating habits and his wife taken issue with it. >> sean: i think he was looking at the blonde woman with wow! >> who cares what her race is. >> what if it was a white couple and they hit a black aren'ter in the head she would have been upset the black person got -- got hit with the soda can. either way she was going to
3:59 am
come out and cause trouble. she is an elected official taking taxpayers money and wasting our time on something like this. >> i think we are over doing racial aspects of things that are not racial. they are either funny or not this was a commercial. >> sean: there's no case to be made here? >> no. it was a commercial period. >> this is the same woman that said repealing obamacare was unconstitutional. we need to remember that. >> sean: i'm going to get predictions because we'll have you back. who is going to win the republican nomination? >> i'd say mitt romney now but i'm probably wrong. >> not that i'm for him, but i think he will win. >> if sarah palin runs, sarah palin. >> sean: do you believe these candidates you are picking can beat obama? >> i think the economy can beat obama you have a divided republican party, no message if the economy stays weak that is the strongest club the republicans have. >> i do not think romney could

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